Vegfest Haul – Clothes, Food, Beauty & Celebs

Vegfest came to London on the 20-21 October and it did not disappoint. It’s crazy how busy these things get now that vegan has hit the mainstream. There were so many stalls covering beauty, food, health, clothes, accessories, art work and more. It was a big celebration of veganism and compassion. With many vegan celebs in attendance (Fat Gay Vegan, Earthling Ed, Evanna Lynch, King Cook Daily) I was absolutely ecstatic when I bumped into Tim Shieff, the vegan free runner that’s done recipes with Jamie Oliver, has had huge achievements on Ninja Warrior and has had his bum on the cover of Viva! magazine.

Tim Shieff
Absolutely beaming as I meet Tim Shieff

Keep on reading below to see what I blew my money on at London Vegfest 2017.

Marigold – Nutritional Yeast – £3

I love to stock up on Nutritional Yeast at these events. This tub will probably last me six months and adds a lovely cheesy taste to food. I mostly use this with soups and sauces – check out this Oh She Glows recipe for a Quick & Dirty Vegan Cheeze Sauce.



Georganics – Oil Pulling Mouthwash – £6.90

I hadn’t heard of this brand before spotting them at the festival and was thoroughly impressed with their dental-care range. With environmentally friendly packaging and good quality ingredients they had a bit of a swarm in their area. Following a chat with them, I’ve decided to give oil pulling a go 2-3 times a week to improve my oral-health; this will involve swishing coconut oil in my mouth for 10-15 minutes at the start of the day. I bought the English Peppermint flavour to make this a little more refreshing.



Mr Organic – Dark Chocolate Spread – £2 each

You may remember this from my Just V Show ft LNLY haul where I hailed this as the ‘closest to Nutella’ I’ve tasted in my ten years vegan. I was ecstatic to see the Mr Organic team at this festival and stocked up on a couple of jars. They also have a regular chocolate spread for those that dislike dark chocolate.



Chicca – Smoked Cheese – £3

This is a smoked vegan mozzerella which is made from Italian germinated whole rice. The original flavour was also delicious and apparently the one used on top of Pizza Express vegan pizzas. This flavour has a delicious smoked taste and also contains turmeric which has great anti-inflammatory properties which means eating this ‘cheese’ is borderline healthy. Right?



Tofurkey – TLT – £3

Whilst I planned to try some delicious hot fresh food at the festival (yes, there was a lot of it) the queues were just too long for me, so I headed to the Tofurkey stall and purchased this. With tomatoes, lettuce and tempeh bacon this was a wonderfully tasty vegan version of a BLT. Hopefully someday we’ll see these in supermarket meal deals as it’s the perfect lunch time sandwich.



Viva La Vegan – Vegan Jacket – £30

With this jacket it was love at first sight. I love the big, obnoxious VEGAN on the back, I love the girly/edgy vegan heart patch and I love the effortlessly cool vegan badges on the pockets. At Viva La Vegan they take in denim jackets and recycle them into these cool vegan one-of-a-kind pieces. They also do a few cool t-shirt designs and touching through them at the show, they were of really nice quality. Pop over to my 5 Cool Vegan Clothing Brands UK post for more on clothing with a message.



Buddha Beauty – Muscle Magic Pulse Point Roller – £5

I had a lovely chat with the two wonderful chaps at the stall, not only do they have some fab vegan products, but they also a vegan beauty salon in Manchester with a second one opening soon. I grabbed one of their Chakra Pulse Point Roller Balls which uses essential oils to improve well being. I often find my muslces aching – whether it’s from dancing, running or sitting at a desk 9 to 5. By rubbing the essential oils (jojoba, peppermint, clovebud and wintergreen) on to my pulse points I can allow the aromas and the oils to work on my body and mind to soothe my aches. Their range also includes focus on Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus and Third Eye.


Honorable mentions:

There were a few other pieces I had my eye on and are probably going to end up on my wishlist for the festive season.

Liberto – Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry Pea Protein

I was tempted to buy this as the taster was delicious, I’m really trying to get into health and fitness and the packaging on this is gorgeous. Before I make any purchases I think I need to investigate how essential and beneficial protein powder is.



The Body Shop

It was so great to see The Body Shop back with the vegan & cruelty free gang. I had a chat with the girl on the stall about their separation from L’Oreal and how all the new packaging will clearly label vegan items. They’re undergoing a campaign currently to ban animal testing worldwide and you can sign their petition here.



Create & Case

This vegan-friendly, cruelty free company creates really trendy accessories for both the person and home. Their designs are so cool, I particularly love their vegan leather make up bags and adore their cushions.



Let me know below if you went to any vegan festivals lately and if so, what you grabbed.


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