My Favourite Vegan All-in-One

This Multi-Use Cream Face Palette by Nude & Noir has revolutionised my over night bag. I spend a lot of time at my boyfriends or visiting friends at the weekend and hate taking tonnes of cosmetics along with me, but also want to look lush the next morning.

This all-in-one means I’ve got my contouring, glow, blush, lips & eyes all sorted. With coconut oil at the heart of this palette all you need is your fingers to apply these beautiful colours – no need for a collection of brushes. The mirror is super handy for touching up make up when out and about – I use mine mostly on the tube or at my boyfriend’s as he has no mirror in his room (no amount of nagging has changed this). Most importantly, this palette is cruelty free, eco-friendly and vegan.

My Palette

I grabbed the Point Break palette which I think goes really well with my tan, warm complexion:  My favourite is the Sand shimmer highlighter as I’ve had so many compliments about looking fresh & glowing since using this. The brown Malibu shade easily the most versatile as it’s perfect against my complexion for contouring, looks great on the lips and helps smooth down my eyebrows. I had cut blush from my daily makeup routine but the playful Coral shade looks so healthy and youthful on, it’s now a daily essential. I found the coconut-oil eye shadow Palm (shimmering soft green) difficult to use initially as it kept collecting in my crease but now that I apply a little less, I’ve got the balance right and it looks gorgeous.

Nude + Noire Point Break Palette

I intended this to sit in my purse and become my on-the-go or overnight essential, but I’ve found the quality, colours and ease so impressive that I now use it every day.

The Range

There are four palettes in the range, each are free from parabens, GMO’s and synthetic fragrance and housed in recyclable and BPA free palettes:

Reserve – Create a timeless, bombshell look with wine stained lips and a soft pink Rosé blush

Point Break – I grabbed this one as I love the fun coral and sultry green shades

Provocative – Sexy pinks and greys make this palette, use the Aphrodisiac brown shade for flawless contouring

Bijou – Perfect for a lover of nude shades, the warm-toned Amber shade is particularly gorgeous


Check out the palettes here and let me know below which one you like the best and why.

I received this palette from Glow Organic in return for my honest review. Glow Organic is an ethical beauty site with a focus on natural, environmental and organic beauty. They have a great and easy to navigate vegan range which includes Nude & Noir, Axiology, Eco by Sonya and tonnes more great brands.

6 Replies to “My Favourite Vegan All-in-One

  1. Glad I found your post! I’m always searching for different vegan makeup brands and I’d never even heard of this one. Having everything in one is so helpful. What other Vegan makeup brands do you recommend? Kat Von D and NYX are my current go to’s 🙂

    1. On the high street I love Gosh (particularly for budget foundations) and Barry M. My newest loves are Pixi and Ve Cosmetics. Out of those only Ve are completely vegan whereas the others are cruelty free with a lot of vegan products.
      Which are your Kat Von D favourites? I love her eyeliner and liquid lipsticks but I really couldn’t get on with her foundation (hugely disappointing after spending £30 on it!)

      1. I think finding cruelty free brands is always a good start, even if some of the products aren’t completely vegan. Obviously not ideal but it’s a good start that more and more brands are heading in the right direction.
        Oh really? I love the foundation! But of course different products are going to suit different skin types. I love the powder foundation too, it’s great to give you a bit of extra coverage if it’s needed, or even on it’s own on a day where you don’t want to wear much makeup, but feel the need for just a little touch up.

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