Your Vegan Halloween Make Up Kit

Halloween is the one night a year you can go absolutely crazy with your makeup and create the most intricate, scary, disgusting or alluring looks you can muster. In the run up to Halloween I love binge watching YouTubers create the most scary looks possible, but get frustrated with all the non-vegan products they use. The below guide should help you find the vegan alternatives to the typically used Halloween products.

Halloween - Vegan

The Liquid Latex – Mehron

Mehron specialises in special effects makeup which is used by professionals around the world and by amateurs each Halloween. Any scars, wounds and prosthetics look better and more authentic with the help of liquid latex and this stuff from Mehron is vegan friendly. Mehron’s vegan range also includes ‘extra flesh‘, fake blood and face paint.


The Lips – Pretty Zombie

Pretty Zombie  has all the gothic lip shades you could need this Halloween. With bewitching shades of  blue, green, black, grey and purple all available you’re guaranteed to find one to match your costume. Even better, these are super durable so feel free to bob for apples or snog a sexy vampire without fear of messing up your lips.

pretty zombie (credit @makeupwithoutmalice)
photo credit @makeupwithoutmalice

The Eye Liner – Kat Von D

This iconic eyeliner will be your best friend this Halloween. Not only can you frame your eyes beautifully with this liner, it’s fine line and quick dry makes it perfect for drawing spooky designs across your face and body.


The Crazy Colours – BH Cosmetics

When it comes to Halloween every shade comes in handy. With popular looks like Vengeful Mermaid, Bride of Frankenstein, Sexy Vampire and Wicked Devil a whole spectrum is needed. Grab this 120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty Bay and have the freedom to create whatever look you fancy!

bh cosmetics

Vegan Eye Lashes – Medusa’s Makeup

False eye lashes are great for adding a dramatic, sexy look to any outfit. These synthetic false eyelashes come with a natural rubber latex adhesive and add a flirty pop to your look. Plus the packaging is super cute and totally instagrammable.



What are you guys thinking of dressing up as for Halloween? Let me know below!